Main Frame System Model: Frame Vise System

The Gaiser Frame Vise system holds a work piece secured between a fixed beam and a compliant beam. The two beams are drawn toward each other with turnbuckles, which prevents outward flex, resulting in very high clamping force.

Exclusive leveling tabs provide truing of the work piece, not the beams, and can be removed to avoid collision with the flush cup once the workpiece is clamped.

The Frame Vise can hold workpieces varying from square to round, large or small, and is compatible with Gaiser standard tooling.


  • Quick and easy leveling with exclusive removable tabs
  • Maximum workpiece accessibility when used with exclusive spacer tabs
  • Compatible with other Gaiser standard work holders
  • Gaiser standard work holders adapt to existing beams
  • Compatible with existing ruler kits and ruler beams