To better serve our customers, we have instituted a repair and service policy. Should any of your Gaiser equipment need to be repaired, we would be more than happy to accommodate you.

Contact us first to give us some information as to what the problem is and what you are asking or expecting to happen. We will discuss your options with you and determine how best to proceed. Then send us the specified equipment for repair along with a purchase order for the repair and any supporting documentation (notes of our phone discussions, faxes, original PO numbers, etc.).

Most repairs are done on a time and material bases. Once we determine the most cost effective solution, we go to work. If there are any special needs or concerns, please let us know.

After completing the repair, you will be notified of the cost if it wasn't quoted, and the part will be sent back.


Instruction Manual

Get your NEW Volume 6 Equipment Instruction manual. Special items such as the Indexers and Frame vises will be coming soon in their own manuals.

FREE Vol. 6 Manual