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Gaiser EDM Tooling utilizes state of the art instruction, training, production and quality methods ensuring our customers the highest quality wire E.D.M. tooling available in the industry, giving our customers a level of comfort that our tooling will adhere to a strict manufacturing guideline.

With extensive experience in the wire EDM industry, our professional staff maintains a full service manufacturing department containing multiple wire and sinker E.D.M. machines, grinders, and CNC milling machines.

With over 12,000 square feet, our manufacturing facility is able to handle large quantity orders and insure prompt delivery times.

Only advanced precision measuring and manufacturing methods are employed to guarantee absolute accuracy and quality. All of our wire E.D.M. tooling components are machined and precision ground from the highest quality vacuum hardened 420 stainless steel. The 420 stainless steel, when properly maintained, is very corrosion resistant, ensuring long tooling life.

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Instruction Manual

Get your NEW Volume 6 Equipment Instruction manual. Special items such as the Indexers and Frame vises will be coming soon in their own manuals.

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