Presetting Clamping Devices Model: PS01 and PS02


The PS01 and PS02, normally mounted to a granite surface plate for off-line truing of the work piece, feature both a lower vertical dovetail and an upper horizontal dovetail. All four axes can be trued without using a granite block or pedestals. It can be attached to the machine table in combination with the VV01 or VV03 for holding tall work pieces. Customers may use their own surface plate by core drilling and gluing threaded inserts.


  • Provides truing of X-Y-Z-q axes
  • Fast easy truing without pedestals or granite blocks
  • Mounts to the surface plate and the machine table using a rail
  • Can be used in the machine together with a variety of work holding devices for holding tall parts
  • The PS02 differs due to the use of a removable handle
PS01/PS02 Dimensions

L = 3 in. (76mm)

W = 3 in. (76mm)

H = 7 in. (178mm)