Main Clamping Devices Model: RC01


The RC01 vise holds round work pieces up to 6.0 inches (154mm) diameter. It attaches to the TD01 truing device to provide X-Y-Z-q four axes adjustments. The exclusive "floating vee" provides torque free clamping. It allows clearance for wire touch-off for perfect centering.


  • Strong, rugged surround clamping
  • "Floating vee" provide touch-off clearance
  • Range is 0.5-6.0 inches (12mm-154mm) diameter
  • Low profile design for flush cup clearance
  • 15 pound capacity
RC01 Dimensions

L = 6 in. (152mm)

W = 7 1/2 in. (190mm)

H = .59 in. (15mm)