Truing Device Model: TD01

The TD01 attaches directly to most all of the work piece holders (except V08 and V03 vises). Together the TD01 and workpiece holder make up the X-Y-Z-q axes adjusting mechanism. It has the matching dovetail to connect to the MCD01. A vertical loading motion connects the TD01 to the MCD01.


  • Contains the screws and cam for the X-Y-Z-q axes adjustments
  • Exclusive three point truing procedure is fast and easy
  • Micrometer screws located close to the workpiece result in finer resolution
  • Contains a self-locking, vertical Z-axis adjustment screw that is independent of the X-Y-q axes
  • Three-in-one Truing Device
    • Grounded leveling
    • Isolated leveling
    • Non-leveling
TD01 Dimensions

L = 2 5/8 in. (67mm)

W = 3 in. (76mm)

H = 1 3/4 in. (44mm)