Starter Kit (Level Four) Model: SK210


Like the SK100, this kit utilizes the TD01 rail mounted truing device. It comes with Vise, Rails and so much more. This kit is a step up from the SK100 kit.


Includes the following:

  • 1 ea. R350 Rail *
  • 1 ea. MCD01 Main Clamping Device
  • 3 ea. TD01 Truing Device
  • 1 ea. V06 Six Inch Vise (2 inserts)
  • 1 ea. VV01 Vertical Vise (2 sets jaws) * *
  • 1 ea. AP01 Angle Plate (set of clamps)
  • 1 ea. CK01-8M or CK01-6M Clamp Kit (please specify)
  • 1 ea. SK210 Wrench Kit

(Other holders can be substituted at a price difference)

* Click here for information on ordering rails

* * For Charmilles machines please specify "Charmilles"